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Social Innovation

Innovation to produce social change in the 21st Century has a new meaning when compared with the conventional models adopted in past half century. The confluence of technology advancement, funding challenges faced by the nonprofit sector and increased call for entrepreneurship is resulting in innovative social solutions that are more effective, efficient and sustainable. The exciting social innovation stories we hear about tend to be heroic tales. They lack holistic and systematic analyses preventing replication of the success by other nonprofit leaders. Content in this newsletter will include real-world narratives about nonprofit leaders who are implementing novel solutions to social issues.

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Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: What Comes Next and How to Get There?

by Aparna Katre

How does a young entrepreneur get started in the field of social innovation? In her own words, Aneesha, a young woman from New Jersey, explains how she launched a social venture in India called Hope Line Fashions. Aneesha provides us with an account of how she, as a young social entrepreneur, set her sights on seemingly impossible goals.