Connecting To Meet Today's Challenges

From The Editor

by Patricia J. Mintz, DM

From The Editor

Welcome to the first edition of Leading Nonprofit Organizations (LNO) newsletter! In this inaugural issue, we highlight the changing face of leadership in the nonprofit sector:

  • how a successful social enterprise in India was started by a student in high school,
  • changes in leader-subordinate relationships,
  • and, concerns of young professionals in the sector.

Plus, you’ll discover how great leaders establish deep emotional connections with others by listening to the podcast.

It is my privilege to serve as the first editor of this online newsletter.  My Doctor of Management (DM) degree from the Weatherhead School of Management included specialized study, participation in the Nonprofit Research Affinity Group within the DM program, and involvement as an alumnae allows me to leverage the exceptional work of the graduate students and faculty who have contributed to launching the LNO newsletter.

As practitioners in the nonprofit sector, we incorporate strategic plans for our organizations via short and long term goals. However, plan as we might, we are often presented with emerging unforeseen dilemmas.  LNO provides a venue filled with stories, ideas and opinions from the experiences of professionals, graduate students, alumni and faculty.

We want to hear from you! Comments, feature articles, interviews, podcasts, videos, or book reviews are welcome submissions. We look forward to a dynamic exchange of knowledge and expertise to address today’s challenges in the nonprofit sector.

Dr. Patricia J. Mintz serves as the principal strategic adviser for PJM & Associates. She is a graduate of the Doctor of Management (DM) program, Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She continues to engage in professional relationships with graduate students, faculty and alumni as a member of the DM Nonprofit Research Affinity Group.

Her educational career experience includes seventeen years of leadership in senior level administrative positions at Cuyahoga Community College. She has direct experience teaching mathematics to thousands of students during her fifteen years of work in junior and senior high school and community college classrooms.

Dr. Mintz serves as a volunteer board member for three nonprofit organizations. As a practitioner-scholar living in Cleveland, Ohio, she has daily opportunities to share innovations and new approaches during our changing times.