Connecting To Meet Today's Challenges


As part of the enhanced commitment of Case Western Reserve University to nonprofit organizations and their leadership, we have created Leading Nonprofit Organizations (LNO), an online practitioner newsletter. LNO complements the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Journal, which focuses exclusively on research. The purpose of the newsletter is to serve a “how to” and “how to better” function for practicing leaders of nonprofits.

LNO is structured so that the students and alumni of the Doctor of Management (DM) Program who are Nonprofit Research Fellows will be in charge of the Newsletter, comparable to how law students manage their Law Review. But of course, LNO is focused on how to best lead nonprofits, not the academic aspects or scholarship of it all. We offer a lively newsletter with articles by DMs, PhDs, Master of Nonprofit (MNOs), Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations, as well as people in all areas of the nonprofit sector who are interested in an opportunity to communicate with their colleagues about leadership issues they deal with.

In addition to articles, included are several other avenues for presenting features about new and innovative projects, as well as successful techniques for handling persistent challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. We welcome your involvement as we expand participation and submissions to LNO from our readers in the nonprofit sector in the United States and around the world.

As a practitioner-scholar, Patricia Mintz, DM, Editor of LNO, uses ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative research skills to explore and define innovative and strategic directions for nonprofit organizations.  She feels that there is great potential for networking and shared learning.  Listening and analyzing data to develop a definition of collaboration and empowerment for each unique nonprofit mission is required for our global economy and its instant electronic communication networks. Pat can be contacted via email at

Marilyn Chorman, Managing Editor of LNO, is ready and waiting to join forces with you, whether is it is in the form of comments posted about our current submissions or your own contribution of a story, interview, podcast, video or book review. If you have any questions or would like to offer an idea with any of the submission styles in mind, please contact Marilyn by email at or by telephone at 216-368-3638.